A Girl Scout Holiday Service Project



There are many ways your troop can help.

  • Each Girl Scout troop/group member or Juliette can donate a new gift.
    In San Mateo and San Francisco Counties, there is also an option to obtain a wish list and full fill a specific child's wishes. See those pages for details.
  • Daisy, Brownie and Junior age Girl Scouts can make greeting cards.
    • A card is furnished with each gift donation.
    • Cards identify the gift to the child's family as being from Girl Scouts and let's the children know that Girl Scouts care about them.
    • Please go to our Guidelines Page for what to include on the cards, suggestions on making them, and some important "do's and don'ts".
  • Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors (including Juliettes) in Grades 7-12 can volunteer for Distribution Day.
    There are opportunities to take the lead on Distribution Day or to speak to Service Units about To Kids From Kids. The more involved girls become, the more they can:
    • improve their leadership and organizational skills,
    • develop their ability to confront and problem solve,
    • gain communication and presentation knowledge,
    • learn about team building, goal setting and decision making.
    Contact us if you are interested.
  • Any Girl Scout troop/group can do even more. Here are some things that have been done in past years:
    • Drop boxes have been set up at a schools or within the community (with prior permission) to collect gifts.
      Note: For your convenience, you can now download our Drop Box Information packet.
    • Members of one Girl Scout Cadette troop, did a "Pennies from Heaven" project. They set up jars to collect pennies from family and friends. They used the money to buy new basketballs for teens.
    • One group organized a potluck dinner with the "admission" being a donation of a new toy.
    • One troop made cosmetic baskets for teenage girls.
    • Several Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors have hosted spaghetti dinners and used all the money raised to purchase gifts.
  • Each year we need Girl Scout Adults to serve as Site Coordinators. Contact us if you are interested.
Please note: if you are doing any fund raising activities, be sure to follow both "Safety-Wise" and your Council's guidelines, which specify what girls can do and what must be done by adults.
Generally, large businesses are not solicited because they may already contribute funding to Girl Scouting. If you have do have such a contact, please coordinate with the To Kids From Kids Committee so that we do not duplicate efforts.
Last update October 21, 2010