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This is the web site for Esther A. Heller, Professional Registered Parliamentarian, Consultant, Diversity Coach.
It is a blend of the professional and the personal, reflecting the fact that the many aspects of my life interweave into one complete person.
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Finally, it is pronounced GAL-ark with the accent on the first syllable.  If you want to know more, scroll on down.


Personal Vision:

We all live on one planet. In order to share its limited resources, we must understand and appreciate each others' differences. I believe that if we recognize diversity as the source of multiple viewpoints, we have a better chance at creative solutions to life's challenges.

Esther A. Heller, PRP

I am a mathematician turned engineer turned diversity consultant turned parliamentarian. Therefore, I bring to all of my clients, logical thinking, problem solving skills and a knowledge of multi-cultural communications. I know how and when to listen and what questions to ask to understand my clients' needs. They appreciate the breadth and depth of my knowledge which is tempered with a sense of humor. As a Professional Registered Parliamentarian, I am qualified to offer the following services:

EAH and Diversity Work.

Over the years, I found myself being drawn into the diversity arena.  In 1995 I attended Equity Institute's "Training for Trainers" program and then left engineering to work on social change.  Research and observation have shown that two opposing philosophies affect people's interactions: scarcity and sufficiency. Believing that there really is or can be "enough" to go around, I look compassionately at other people's (or groups) needs and history. This in turn has made me realize that many of us have expended too much energy trying to fit and/or function in the dominant paradigm. Instead, we must work at shifting the paradigm to fit more of us.  This is pluralism. It informs my parliamentarian practice.

I have given talks and workshops such as:

Consider the following questions posed by Rabbi Hillel.  They are relevant to so many issues today.

If I am not for myself, who will be?
If I am only for myself, what am I?
If not now, when?
I look forward to beginning a discussion with you!

More on Diversity

The internet is a wonderful place, but books don't require external power.  For those of you interested in more ideas, here's a reading list that I've put together.

Even though I'm no longer working in engineering, I am a Fellow of the Society of Women Engineers . I've stepped back from giving workshops to members and being an active committee member. For over a decade, I had a column, "Thoughts On..." in the newsletter for the Santa Clara Valley Section and in the Members-at-Large news. Contact me if you are interesting in reading some of them.

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